Search Engine Optimization Efforts Not to Be Ignored – Google Maps Tactics

GOOG-411, aka Google Voice Local Search, is a telephone service now provided by Google that puts the power of Google search results into a phone directory service. It allows users to make a business search by simply calling a toll-free telephone number- just like typical directory assistance. Released by Google Labs in September 2007, the service uses new speech recognition technology to connect callers to their desired business. Two years later, the word is spreading and one mustn’t ignore it’s potential benefit to search engine optimization.For some time now, SEO’s and business owners have been listing their businesses and clients on Google Maps always competing for the coveted #1 spot. Now more than ever it is recommended that your efforts continue in high gear.Having your company recognized by GOOG-411 is totally dependent on your business’ ranking on Google maps, so submitting your business into Google Local is the key to being pulled as a result on this new search tool.To boost your listing to the top of Google Maps results, it is recommended that you treat your business’ Google Local page as an extension of your website. This “mini site” should be media rich having optimized links, photos, videos, etc. to widen your sites scope – the goal of Search Engine Optimization right?In the eyes of Google spiders, also carrying weight are your business’ user reviews. You will rarely see the top results of Google without a user review, especially in competitive industries. Encouraging clients to submit their review to Google will be tremendously proactive to your Search Engine Marketing objectives.Google has stated that the reason why they launched GOOG-411 is to begin to build a powerful speech-to-text engine that will help convert video speech into search results, among other new search technologies. Basically, it gathers a bunch of different speech samples so that when you are on the phone, or a search engine is trying to pull voice out of video, it can be done with accuracy-a seemingly brilliant meta data collection tool.It looks like critics of Google see this as just another “scheme” Google is using to grab an even bigger slice of the search engine market. Despite this, the overall reviews of GOOG-411 are positive, and it continues to grow as an on-the-go information hub because of it’s free-of-charge appeal.Seasoned SEO’s already know the bottom line here- it defiantly doesn’t hurt to be included in GOOG-411 results so get on it! Continue to optimize your business’ Google Local page with all kinds of media, get your clients to submit reviews and start climbing towards the top of the Google ladder.

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